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A moment with Darren Za Za

What instrument do you play?

Lead Guitar, Vocal

Your favourite instrument(s)

Pre L Strats and Jazzmasters.  Otherwise I'm predominantly a Tele kind of guy and Greg Truman makes very fine instruments!


Who are your musical influences?

So many my brain hurts! But here are a few that I draw on for the Tangies: Pink Floyd, The Church, Portishead, Massive Attack, Buddy Guy, Brand New Heavies.

How do you describe The Tangerines music?

Sunday, late morning, Portishead slides back into bed with Norah Jones and asks "are you awake"? ... gently at first then...

Musical Highlight?

Now: Great friends, great music, awesome gigs, great Single Malts... 

Before: Great friends, great music, awesome gigs, O Week/Prosh "after gig" parties in the early 90's. (At least what I remember).

What can people expect when coming to see The Tangerines?

Psychedelic soundscapes, introspective musings, chilled grooves, the voice of an angel and... terse, self-deprecating, slightly worn men in hats. 😜

What do you enjoy most about the songwriting process?

Painting with sound and words.


What was your first instrument?

Piano, voice, and tenor recorder.  I started playing guitar at 13.

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