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Curious about Paul Rupinskas

What instrument do you play?

Double Bass, Electric Bass

Who are your influences?

They are many and varied.  Of course there are the bass players, including:  Paul McCartney, John Entwistle, John Patitucci, Jaco, James Jamerson, Victor Wooten, Sting, Francois Rabbath, Etienne LaFrance, Oscar Stagnaro, Flea, Christian McBride, Charles Mingus, Oscar Pettiford, Les Claypool, Danny Thompson…  All for different reasons, such as feel, technique, inspiration, cool factor, weirdo-ness etc.


My double bass teacher, Peter McLaughlin of BassWorks is right up there too.  And while on the Adelaide front, Lyndon Grey is also a fabulous inspiration.  


I love the Crooners, Jazz, 3D radio.  Australian classics like Skyhooks, Split Enz, Hunters and Collectors, the Oils, The Laughing Clowns, Custard, DIG, Cruel Sea, Topology, Augie March, The Clouds, the Go Betweens, Nick Cave… 


Then there are the likes of: Bowie, The Sweet!, Beatles, The Who, L Cohen, Queen, Mr. Bungle, Jon Zorn, Stravinsky, Mozart, Lithuanian folk music, Radiohead, Bach, Glenn Miller, Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell, Beirut, Joe Jackson, Squirrel Nut Zippers, The Cure, Terem Quartet, WoMAD, Led Zepellin, the Kinks, Jeff Buckley, Motown, the Circus and stage productions, (some) movie soundtracks, Enio Morricone, The ASO and ACO and the Adelaide Town Hall...


But the biggest influence must be:  local live gigs and jams.  YaY to all of us doing it out there!!!  The wonderful musos I have had the honour to play with, and hear, over the last 35 years, right here in Adelaide, have been, and continue to be, the most important influences in my development, style and confidence.  I’m constantly being inspired and gobsmacked by you guys and always learning from ya.

How did you meet the other Tangerines?

A dull day at work 

Was made so much brighter, 

When in she did stroll,

A pretty new blighter. 


Her name was Rowey G.  


Rumour soon followed:

She’s a fine songstress.  

A musician of note. 

Oooh, such good fortune, God bless. 


So, plucking my courage,

At a Festive work do, 

We spoke of her music… 

… For a minute or two.  


Then to my dismay, 

She did openly say,


“…  Nah, I’m perfectly happy

…  without a bass player!” 


Well!  That was the end of that brief sidle.


But I was intrigued,  

And my pestering began,

Until I appeared…

At a Tangerine jam. 


There sat ‘The Maestro’, 

Behind his big organ, (sorry – that’s a terrible in-joke)

Caressing the keyboard, 

As though he were Chopin...


…  Maybe that’s enough poetic slaughtery!!!


In truth, I don’t think I had ever been so nervous. 


I met DZ, at various SCALA (Songwriter, Composer, and Lyricist Association) events over time.  He joined The Tangerines’ adventure a little later than I…   Oh No!  More poetic inspiration… 


A later addition

To the Tangerine jam

Was Zaza almighty

Who’s certainly no ham

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