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Rowey G on naming the EP

On arriving at a title for the EP... well that was easy. Rowey G explains: 'We wanted the first EP to have our name all over it, so it will be a self-titled EP, The Tangerines.'  'We've been mistaken before for 'The Mandarins' or 'The Oranges' which is really awkward because their music is so very different!' 


But on a serious note The Tangerines can't wait for you to hear their EP.  Rowey G continues: 'We know local artist Jillian McKenzie who painted a gorgeous painting titled 'Geisha Girl'.  As soon as I saw it I thought it reflected the mood of our recording so we asked if she would allow it to be the cover art of our EP.'   'I'm so glad she said yes, the colours and the textures are captivating'.

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